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Wheal Martyn SSSI, Cornwall

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Wheal Martyn SSSI, Cornwall

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Wheal Martyn China Clay Country Park, Cornwall

Located in St. Austell, Cornwall, South West England, England

Less than a mile away.

Wheal Martyn, also referred to as the China Clay Country Park, is the only china clay mining museum in the UK. Divided, roughly speaking, into four experiences, we've spent full days here when researching and photographi...

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Bugle Inn, St Austell
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Approximately 1.1 miles away.

Total Rooms: 5; Rates: 45 - 90 Per Night

This village pub has en suite rooms and serves good home-cooked food all day It is 3 miles 4 8 km from the Eden Project Bugle village is located on the A391 between Bodmin and St Austell...

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Pendennis Apartment, St Austell
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Approximately 1.6 miles away.

Total Rooms: 2; Rates: 110 - 110 Per Night

Pendennis is a luxurious 2-bedroom penthouse with spectacular views over St Austell Bay The historic port of Charlestown is close by, and St Austell is about 1 mile 1 6 km away...

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Approximately 1.7 miles away.

Total Bedrooms: 3; Maximum Occupants: 6; Rates: 379 - 929 Per Week

Bayview has been recently refurbished to a luxurious standard and benefits from fantastic sea views from the large living room balcony....

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