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River Cowsic, Devon

  • Located in Devon, South West England, England
  • Fur Tor and Cut Hill are in arguably the most remote area in southern England. Part of the north plateau of Dartmoor National Park, the high moors are often battered by rain. South of Fur Tor and Cut Hill is an area where a number of rivers rise before flowing through the National Park to the Devon coast. Tavy Head, West Dart Head, Walkham Head and Cowsic Head are close to one another. It's from Cowsic Head that the River Cowsic flows south on its short journey to join the West River Dart
  • The River Cowsic flows west of Beardown Man Standing Stone, Devil's Tor, Lydford Tor and the Beardown Tors. Near Two Bridges and its hotel, the River Cowsic runs sharply east to join the West River Dart. The West River Dart, in turn, joins the East River Dart to form the River Dart
  • The River Cowsic is within the Merrivale Range. If you want to explore the area, make sure you check the access times. The Army fly red flags when they're training. You'll hear machine gun fire from miles off
  • Note that the Devonport Leat begins at the River Cowsic. It's clearly visible on Google's satellite imagery
  • By James Penman

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River Cowsic, Devon

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Wistman's Wood

Located in Two Bridges, Devon, South West England, England

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Said to be Devon's oldest wood, Wistman's Wood is a short walk from Two Bridges in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. It's the centre of the Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. Mosses, lichens and twisted, stubby o...

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Two Bridges Hotel, Dartmoor
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Less than a mile away.

Total Rooms: 33; Rates: 65 - 400 Per Night

Nestling beside the West Dart River, in 60 acres of private grounds at the very heart of the Dartmoor National Park, the hotel is reminiscent of a bygone age of opulence with the added extravagance of today's little luxu...

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Approximately 5.7 miles away.

Total Bedrooms: 2; Maximum Occupants: 3; Rates: 259 - 629 Per Week

A beautiful 500 year old end-of-wing Dartmoor Longhouse situated in the rolling hills of Dartmoor National Park....

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The Snug, Trout 'n Tipple Cottages
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Approximately 6.3 miles away.

Rates: 342 - 789 Per Week

Perfect for families and keen fishermen alike these delightful cottages are grouped around a courtyard within the landscaped grounds of a working trout fishery just 700 yards from the Trout 'n Tipple inn which serves...

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