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North Hessary Tor and Radio/TV Station, Devon

  • Located in Princetown, Devon, South West England, England
  • The huge radio and TV mast* next to North Hessary Tor is one of the most distinctive landmarks within Dartmoor National Park. Rising high above Princetown, it's visible from miles around. We've positioned North Hessary Tor and Radio/TV Station on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location. Also browse our 'Photo Gallery' to view tor and mast in the local landscape
  • There's a large car park near the Princetown National Park Visitor Centre in Princetown. A grass track rises north west to the mast and tor. We've also walked in from the car parking area off the B3357 by Rundlestone and the car parking area by the B3212 at Walkhampton Common
  • Whilst you're there, we'd recommend heading down to Foggintor Quarries and Swelltor Quarries
  • *There's a detailed, technical description of The North Hessary Tor Station on 'thebigtower' website to which we provide and external link. This explains the station's use as the provider of 'the main transmission for BBC National/Local FM Radio and Classic FM across Devon and East Cornwall'. According to that site, the 'ground height of 510 metres (1673ft) above sea level' makes it the second highest 'main broadcast transmitter facility in the United Kingdom'
  • By James Penman

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North Hessary Tor and Radio/TV Station, Devon

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Located in Princetown, Devon, South West England, England

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