Find places to stay around East Prawle on the South Devon coast. To the west are East Portlemouth and Salcombe. To the east are Start Point and Start Bay. Top beaches and coastal walking.
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Langerstone Point, Devon

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Langerstone Point, Devon

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Horseley Cove, Devon

Located in East Prawle, Devon, South West England, England

Less than a mile away.

Horseley Cove is one of a number of beaches between Prawle Point and Start Point on the southern coast of the South Devon AONB. We've positioned Horseley Cove (others spell it Horsley Cove) on Google maps so zoom in on t...

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Boatman's Cottage
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Star Rating

Approximately 3.5 miles away.

Rates: 289 - 650 Per Week

In a prime location just 3 minutes' level walk from the town's picturesque harbour restaurants and charming shops this quaint little 19th century fisherman's cottage end one of a row has been carefully restor...

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Tides Reach, Salcombe
Star Rating

Approximately 3.6 miles away.

Total Rooms: 35; Rates: 59 - 320 Per Night

Tides Reach Hotel is a pretty seafront hotel with beautiful views and leisure facilities Salcombe is a short walk or ferry ride along the estuary On the doorstep are sandy coves, spectacular coastal walks, safe sea-swimm...

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Star Rating

Approximately 4.8 miles away.

Total Bedrooms: 3; Maximum Occupants: 5; Rates: 399 - 989 Per Week

An award-winning development offering high quality accommodation with breathtaking views across the fields and out to sea....

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