Find places to stay in and around the Scottish Borders. There's relatively easy access to Northumberland National Park from here, too.
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Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

  • Located in Hermitage, Scottish Borders, The Lowlands, Scotland
  • There's a legend that one of its early owners was boiled to death in molten lead by his tenants
  • Built in the thirteenth century
  • Located in the Scottish Borders
  • The castle became obsolete after the Union of the Crowns in 1603 and fell into disrepair
  • It was a ruin by the eighteenth century
  • Hermitage Castle is managed by Historic Scotland

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Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

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Riccarton Lodge
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Star Rating

Approximately 2.8 miles away.

Rates: 281 - 547 Per Week

Nestling in the beautiful scenery of the Scottish borders this charming cottage takes full advantage of its wonderful surroundings with stunning views over the Liddel valley and the Cheviot Hills beyond. Log burning stov...

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Stable Cottage
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Approximately 7.5 miles away.

Rates: 425 - 866 Per Week

Perfect for that 'get away from it all' break this charming and comfortable cottage with its own hot tub enjoys wonderful views and a tranquil setting beside Kielder Reservoir in the Northumberland National Park....

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Woodpecker, Ravenshill Forest Park
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 7.6 miles away.

Rates: 425 - 866 Per Week

Enjoying a gloriously peaceful setting at the northern edge of Kielder Water in the Northumberland National Park this very comfortable timber lodge boasts wonderful views and superb walking cycling fishing sailing water...

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