Find places to stay around Belstone and the high moors in the northern section of Dartmoor National Park. Choose from cottages, budget accommodation chains, hotels and more.
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Hangingstone Hill, Devon

  • Located in Belstone, Devon, South West England, England
  • The high ground in Dartmoor National Park is to the north west. Hangingstone Hill, at 603 metres, is one of a number of big, domed hills on this landmass
  • Hanginstone Hill is unremarkable in terms of rock structures but it's deep in the Park and offers a great sense of the scale of this wilderness
  • We'd recommend a yomp to its army hut and small rocky outcrop as part of a walk to see some of the Park's more dramatic tors such as Watern Tor and Steeperton Tor
  • In winter, when the ground is frozen, or during hot months, when the ground is dried out a little, one can cross difficult terrain west to the famous, and isolated, Cranmere Pool Letter Box
  • Whilst the route might be unspectacular, the easiest way to summit the hill is by the army road leading up from Okehampton Camp by Okehampton. Clearly, you can walk in from all directions. From the north, via Wild Tor and Cosdon Beacon and Hill is fun
  • To the north west, you'll see southern England's highest peaks Yes Tor and High Willhays
  • Browse our Top 10 Recommended Tors in Dartmoor National Park for additional inspiration. We'd also suggest you read our summary guide to Dartmoor National Park
  • By James Penman

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Hangingstone Hill, Devon

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Whitehorse Hill, Devon

Located in Belstone, Devon, South West England, England

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22 Mill Street Restaurant With Rooms, Chagford
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Star Rating

Approximately 5.2 miles away.

Total Rooms: 9; Rates: 69 - 129 Per Night

Nestling in the foothills of Dartmoor National Park, this refined property is beautifully located in a peaceful position off Chagforda s High Street, with far reaching views up to the North East Side of the moor...

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The Globe Inn, Chagford
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Approximately 5.3 miles away.

Total Rooms: 7; Rates: 90 - 100 Per Night

Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Dartmoor National Park, the Globe Inn is rich in original character and traditional charm, with open fires, home-cooked food, good wines and real ales...

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Approximately 5.6 miles away.

Rates: 19 - 55 Per Night

At Travelodge, we provide the essentials for a comfortable night's sleep whether you're on the road for business, enjoying a city break with friends or family or you just need a bed for the night....

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