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Ger Tor, Devon

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Ger Tor, Devon

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Willsworthy Range, Devon

Located in Lydford, Devon, South West England, England

Less than a mile away.

Willsworthy Range is the smallest and most westerly of the British Army training areas in Dartmoor National Park. To the east, Willsworthy Range borders Okehampton Range. To the south east is Merrivale Range. As is the c...

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Fox & Hounds Hotel, Okehampton
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Star Rating

Approximately 2.6 miles away.

Total Rooms: 9; Rates: 40 - 120 Per Night

Situated on the edge of North Dartmoor between Tavistock and Okehampton, this family-run hotel with la carte restaurant is open all year round...

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Star Rating

Approximately 3.0 miles away.

Total Bedrooms: 2; Maximum Occupants: 3; Rates: 259 - 629 Per Week

A beautiful 500 year old end-of-wing Dartmoor Longhouse situated in the rolling hills of Dartmoor National Park....

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Lydford Country House, Okehampton
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Star Rating

Approximately 3.9 miles away.

Total Rooms: 13; Rates: 65 - 125 Per Night

Set amongst 8 acres of beautiful grounds within Dartmoor National Park, this impressive Victorian country house offers 4-star accommodation and a superb restaurant Lydford Castle is close by...

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