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Foggintor Quarries, Devon

  • Located in Princetown, Devon, South West England, England
  • At PictureTheUK, we're fortunate enough to be sent photographs and stories that bring the UK landscape to life. This is one such story very kindly provided by Jim Buchanan. We really appreciate the opportunity to publish it here. The paragraphs are broken down by bullet point:
  • 'One spooky (or at least I think so) story:
  • Just after I had finished basic training with the Royal Marines I was attached to the Field training unit where I was used to play the enemy on maneuvers. This sometimes meant spending several days/nights on Dartmoor. One of the places I used as a hideout/base was the old disused quarry at Foggintor near to Princetown on the high moors. At night I used to bed down in my sleeping bag in one of the old ruined cottages by the quarry.
  • Many, many years later after I had left the Marines and moved up to London with my wife (who I had met in Plymouth), the quarry episodes were almost forgotten, I decided to do some research on our family history. Ann had no memory of her very early life as she had moved several times when she was a small child but on her 1949 birth cert, it shows her place of birth as "Royal Oak", bungalow, Princetown. Both her parents are now dead so there was no one left for more information. I had always assumed that the "Royal Oak" was perhaps the name of a pub and on our many visits back down that way we searched for a pub of that name without success.
  • Only recently at a boot fair I picked up a copy of a book by a local Dartmoor historian, Kath Brewer on the old disused quarries and cottages of Foggintor and to my surprise it pictures and names one of the ruined cottages in Foggintor as "Royal Oak bungalow". It even gives the name of the last resident as Gibbs which was my mother in laws name. The "spooky" bit is that this is the exact same ruin that nearly fifty years ago I had chosen to huddle in my sleeping bag from the cold Dartmoor nights. Apparently the cottages were demolished in 1953 and much of the stone was robbed out to use for other building purposes.
  • The above mentioned book also has a picture of my mother in law, Ivy Gibbs in the last photo taken of the pupils of Walkhampton - Foggintor School.
  • By the way, Royal Oak was also the address on my mother in laws marriage cert dated 1948., and her fathers occupation is shown as a Masons journeyman, on a previous certificate dated 1923 he lived in Princetown and was shown as a "Night Watchman at Convict Prison"'.
  • By James Penman

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Foggintor Quarries, Devon

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