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Antony Park, Cornwall

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Antony Park, Cornwall

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Antony House, Cornwall

Located in Torpoint, Cornwall, South West England, England

Less than a mile away.

Wonderful National Trust property in the south of the Tamar Valley AONB...

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Approximately 1.9 miles away.

Total Bedrooms: 1; Maximum Occupants: 3; Rates: 380 - 612 Per Week

An elegantly presented, ground floor period apartment, situated in a Victorian terrace, at the heart of the vibrant city of Plymouth. It benefits from a rear courtyard garden with patio furniture, BBQ and car parking....

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The Royal Fleet Hotel, Plymouth
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Approximately 2.0 miles away.

Total Rooms: 50; Rates: 35 - 45 Per Night

The Royal Fleet Club is a 50 bedroom hotel located in Devonport, Plymouth, that boasts two ballrooms Also includes public rooms, residents lounge, restaurant serving breakfast and evening meals and several bars...

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Approximately 2.4 miles away.

Rates: 19 - 55 Per Night

At Travelodge, we provide the essentials for a comfortable night's sleep whether you're on the road for business, enjoying a city break with friends or family or you just need a bed for the night....

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