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Great Witley, Worcestershire, Visitor & Tourism Guide

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Witley Court

Located in Great Witley, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England

Approximately 1.2 miles away.

Now a remarkable ruin, Witley Court was once a large and important country house. Originally built in the seventeenth century. Fire in 1937, property allowed to fall into ruin. Owned by English Heritage and excellent des...

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Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings

Located in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England

Approximately 12.2 miles away.

An open-air museum founded in the 1960s which explores centuries of historic buildings. From their website: 'Avoncroft is a fascinating museum of historic buildings spanning seven centuries, rescued from imminent destruc...

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Clent Hills

Located in Clent, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England

Approximately 14.3 miles away.

A range of hills in Worcestershire (Walton Hill, Clent Hill, Wychbury Hill, Calcot Hill, and Adams Hill). South of Birmingham. Owned by the National Trust. Site of an Iron Age Hill Fort...

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Hundred House Hotel, Great Witley
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Star Rating

Less than a mile away.

Total Rooms: 27; Rates: 60 - 75 Per Night

This privately-owned country hotel situated on the A443 Worcester to Tenbury Wells road is located in an exceptionally beautiful part of Worcestershire, between Abberley Hills and Woodbury Hills...

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The Elms Hotel & Spa A Luxury Family Hotel, Abberl
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 1.5 miles away.

Total Rooms: 23; Rates: 115 - 395 Per Night

This luxury family hotel is an excellent countryside retreat featuring the Aquae Sulis Spa, helpful family facilities, good cuisine and stunning views over the Teme Valley The Elms is a refurbished Queen Anne mansion set...

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The Lenchford Inn, Worcester
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Star Rating

Approximately 3.8 miles away.

Total Rooms: 9; Rates: 50 - 100 Per Night

With a beautiful location on the banks of the River Severn, the Lenchford Inn is a Georgian building with modern extensions, offering en suite rooms with river views...

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