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Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in London


Westminster Palace World Heritage Site

Overlooking the River Thames, the heart of UK politics and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Open to visitors.

Tower Of London World Heritage Site

Another of London's UNESCO World Heritage Sites and home to the most famous collection of diamonds in the world.

Westminster Abbey World Heritage Site

Burial place of some of the world's leading scientists and writers and place of coronation for English monarchs.

The London Eye

The world's tallest observational wheel. Probably the best views of central London you're going to get. Very pretty at night!

British Museum, London

One of the world's great museum collections with more than thirteen million objects. The building, especially the courtyard, is stunning.

The National Gallery

Fine, fine building dominating Trafalgar square and with some of the world's greatest paintings in its collection. Free entry, still.

Buckingham Palace, London

The official residence of the British monarch since the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. In short, the Queen's home and well worth a visit.

Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens World Heritage Site

Internationally important botanical centre and UNESCO World Heritage Site pulling in over one million visitors a year.

Natural History Museum, London

Where else in London can you get up close to a blue whale or introduce your kids to Dippie the Diplodocus? A favourite of ours.