Find places to stay in and around the City of Westminster in London. From luxury hotels to budget accommodation, choose from a vast range of places to stay. Easy access to some of the UK's top attractions. Alternatively, browse our 'Top 10 Hotels' recommendations below. These are selected with their location and proximity to major attractions in mind.
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Top 10 Recommended Hotels in City of Westminster


The Grand At Trafalgar Square, London
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Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery all on your doorstep. A stunning location but that does apply to every choice on this list.

Dukes Hotel, London
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Around the corner from St James's Palace and Buckingham Palace. An exclusive location. Most of London's major attractions are within walking distance from here.

Athenaeum, London
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Looks out across Green Park towards Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park to the west and wander up Piccadilly towards Piccadilly Circus. Yet another extraordinary location in which to base yourself.

The Waldorf Hilton, London
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Perfectly positioned for the West End Theatres and Covent Garden. The view from Waterloo Bridge is a must.

The Langham London, London

Great access to central London's attractions. To the north Regent's Park, to the east the British Museum, to the south the West End of London and to the west Hyde Park.