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Hollingbourne, Kent, Visitor & Tourism Guide

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Leeds Castle

Located in Leeds, Kent, South East England, England

Approximately 1.4 miles away.

Located to the east of the village of Leeds in Kent. A castle has been on the site since the beginning of the twelfth century. Built on top of the Saxon manor of Esledes. King Henry VIII stayed here with Catherine of Ara...

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Chatham Historic Dockyard

Located in Chatham, Kent, South East England, England

Approximately 10.1 miles away.

Historic dockyards that played an exceptionally important role in English history. 'The Historic Dockyard, Chatham is a stunning 80 acre site with historic buildings, museum galleries, historic warships and a vibrant pro...

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Rochester Cathedral

Located in Rochester, Kent, South East England, England

Approximately 10.3 miles away.

The second oldest bishopric in the UK (behind Canterbury). Owing to its location on the Kent coast, suffered during Danish invasions. New cathedral and Benedictine monastery established in 1082. One of the finest Norman...

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Ramada Maidstone, Maidstone
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Star Rating

Approximately 1.3 miles away.

Total Rooms: 126; Rates: 58 - 211 Per Night

Stay at the Ramada Hotel and Resort Maidstone and experience everything you expect from an international hotel company...

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The Roebuck Inn, Kent
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Star Rating

Approximately 2.0 miles away.

Total Rooms: 9; Rates: 55 - 81 Per Night

Located in the picturesque village of Harrietsham, this classic country-style inn boasts a convenient location close to the A20 and Harrietsham Station, with links to London Victoria, Maidstone and Canterbury...

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Tudor Park, A Marriott Hotel And Country Club, Mai
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Star Rating

Approximately 2.4 miles away.

Total Rooms: 120; Rates: 83 - 164 Per Night

Conveniently located just 30 miles away from London, this luxurious contemporary-style hotel and country club is surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside in Maidstone, at the very heart of South-East England...

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