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Kinveachy, Highland, Visitor & Tourism Guide

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Loch Garten

Located in Kinveachy, Highland, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 3.7 miles away.

To the south east of Inverness, Loch Garten is famous for its RSPB Nature Reserve. Their membership booklet reads: 'When ospreys returned to breed in Scotland, this ancient Caledonian pinewood is where they chose to come...

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Ben Macdui, Highland

Located in Aviemore, Highland, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 13.0 miles away.

Scotland's second highest mountain behind Ben Nevis...

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Ruthven Barracks

Located in Ruthven, Highland, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 14.8 miles away.

Built after the 1715 Jacobite rising. Ruthven Barracks is located on the site of a fomer castle. One of four barracks built in strategic locations to help the British Governemnt better keep control of the peoples of the...

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Boat Hotel, Boat Of Garten
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Star Rating

Approximately 2.0 miles away.

Total Rooms: 32; Rates: 70 - 140 Per Night

The Boat Hotel at Boat of Garten is a privately-owned Victorian sporting hotel set in the heart of the Spey Valley Personally run, warm hospitality and confortable rooms assure you of a relaxing stay...

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Glenmore Cottage
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Star Rating

Approximately 2.6 miles away.

Rates: 350 - 717 Per Week

Tucked away in a quiet village street within a short stroll of a good choice of shops pubs and restaurants this very comfortable detached property is ideally located for exploring the new Cairngorm National Park. Forest...

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Dalrachney Lodge Hotel And Restaurant, Carrbridge
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Star Rating

Approximately 2.9 miles away.

Total Rooms: 23; Rates: 99 - 160 Per Night

Formerly a sporting lodge used by members of the Royal Family, this country house hotel and restaurant is ideally situated in the heart of the picturesque Scottish Highlands...

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