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Top 10 Recommended Places To Visit in England


Places To Visit in England
This 'Top 10' list is aimed at larger destinations, for example counties and National Parks, AONBs and cities. Click on each recommendation to drill down into further detail and more specific recommendations. We'd also suggest you look at our 'Destinations' section for additional inspiration. By James Penman.


London's important. Culturally, historically, internationally, finacially important. So it's important to spend some time here if you want to get to know the UK.

Broadway, Worcestershire

A beautiful area, perhaps the UK equivalent of Tuscany. Honey stone buildings in a rolling, lush countryside.


Oozes history and culture. Try Cambridge for the same effect. If you're looking for other university cities then we'd thoroughly recommend Durham City, in our opinion, one of the finest in the UK.

Dartmouth , South Devon AONB

One of England's most popular holiday destinations. Gold sand beaches, staggering coastline, fine food and drink.

Peak District National Park

The UK's most popular National Park. Also its first, established in 1951. Moorland to the north and rolling limestone hills to the south.

Lake District National Park

Stunning landscape that inspired many a Romantic poet and artist. Packed with lakes nestled among craggy mountains.

The Long Man of Wilmington, East Sussex

In 1066, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, defeated the English King Harold Godwinson at Battle, an East Sussex village a short distance from Hastings. The next thousand years of UK history flow from this event.

Burnsall, North Yorkshire

England's largest county is also one of its most popular. North Yorkshire boasts an exceptional coastline with excellent walking and nationally important culture.


We spent most of our time whilst researching and photographing Cornwall mumbling 'wow' as we moved around its coastline. It can be staggeringly beautiful.

Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland

At some point in the future, people en masse are going to realise that this place is special. It may be at the opposite end of England but Northumberland is in many ways similar to Devon, the county in which, apparently, most Brits want to live.