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Top 10 Recommended Cathedrals in England


Cathedrals in England
These are very special places. We'd recommend building weekend breaks, even holidays, around visiting cathedrals. Often located in beautiful and fascinating cities, cathedrals are reasonably easy to access using the public transport network. Browse our 'Top 10 Recommended Cathedrals in England' for ideas. If historical buildings are your thing, browse our other 'Top 10' lists, too. Type 'cathedrals' into the search box as well. By James Penman.

Salisbury Cathedral

Sublime building in Salisbury in Wiltshire. If you have a head for heights, take the tour to the cathedral spire. In the local area, visit Old Sarum.

Canterbury Cathedral World Heritage Site, Kent

Canterbury is the cathedral of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primate of All England. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Canterbury is a fine place, too.

Winchester Cathedral

Impressive Hampshire cathedral. Jane Austen is buried here. To the south west, we'd very much recommend spending time in the New Forest National Park.

Lincoln Cathedral

A masterpiece of English Gothic architecture. Once the tallest building in the world. Take a weekend break in Lincoln to explore both the cathedral and the county of Lincolnshire.

St Paul's Cathedral, London

Internationally famous cathedral in the heart of London. In the local area, visit the Museum of London.

Durham Cathedral World Heritage Site

Members of the team here at PictureTheUK spent years living in the city. It's an amazing building and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

York Minster

The largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe and seat of the Archbishop of York. Weekend break in York.

Ely Cathedral

'The ship of the Fens'. Inside the cathedral, visit The Stained Glass Museum. Outside, explore Oliver Cromwell's House.

Exeter Cathedral, Devon

The longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in the world. The interior is a joy. Weekend break in Exeter. We'd recommend a tour of the city's Undergound Passages.

Liverpool Cathedral

One of the largest cathedrals in the world. Visit during a weekend break or holiday in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Liverpool.