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Top 10 Recommended Tors in Princetown


Tors in Princetown
Princetown is surrounded by tors. Some, like North Hessary Tor and South Hessary Tor, are very easily accessible. Others, like Leather Tor, are relatively challenging scrambles. Given the high number of tors around this moorland town, there's something to fit all tastes. Browse our 'Top 10 Recommended Tors in and around Princetown' for inspiration. By James Penman.

North Hessary Tor and TV Station, Devon

It's an easy, direct walk from the large car park in the centre of Princetown to North Hessary Tor and Radio/TV Station. The views are stunning. Same applies to nearby South Hessary Tor.

King's Tor, Devon

If you follow the trackbed of the GWR Princetown Branch Railway (Dismantled), you'll pass quarries and loop around King's Tor. Make a detour to its summit.

Leather Tor

Leather Tor is a superb fin of granite overlooking Burrator Reservoir. Great for a scramble. If you have the energy, continue to Sheeps Tor.

Great Mis Tor

Great Mis Tor is a big, rocky outcrop just north west of Princetown. It's a beautiful tor with awesome views and is relatively easily accessible. Highly recommended if time's short.

Longaford Tor

Longaford Tor is located on a ridge above Wistman's Wood. Nice as part of a circular walk from Two Bridges.

Beardown Tors, Devon

A lovely cluster of tors north east of Princetown between the Cowsic River and West Dart River. Look out for red flags warning that the army's training here. You'll hear the gunfire a long way away.

Great Staple Tor, Devon

Arguably the most beautiful tor in Dartmoor National Park. If you can catch the rock structures in late light, it's a wonderful experience.

Pew Tor, Devon

Pew Tor is to the west of Princetown on the edge of the high moors. The land drops away to Tavistock, the Tamar AONB and Cornwall.

Devil's Tor, Devon

Our last two choices are more remote. Devil's Tor is unremarkable itself but is in a super location next to the enigmatic Beardown Man Standing Stone.

Fur Tor, Devon

Any hardened walker needs to experience the yomp to Fur Tor. The most remote place in southern England, it's a wonderful place.