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Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in Princetown


Things To Do in Princetown
Princetown is the main settlement in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. Whilst it's a perfect spot in which to base yourself for a walking holiday, there's plenty more to do and see in the local area. Browse our 'Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in Princetown' list to learn more. By James Penman.

High Moorland Visitor Centre

Essential visiting if you want to get to know Dartmoor National Park. Packed with information, the National Park Visitor Centre is in the centre of Princetown.

Fascinating, if slightly unnerving, place. The museum tells the story of the prison and some of its famous inmates. Having visited, walk to the top of North Hessary Tor for views of the prison.

North Hessary Tor and TV Station, Devon

You'll see the radio and TV mast that towers above Princetown from miles around. The mast is located by a tor. The views across Dartmoor, Devon and Cornwall are immense.

South Hessary Tor, Devon

Follow the 'Jobber's Road' south east to South Hessary Tor for super views. Continue to Siward's or Nun's Cross and Nun's Cross Farm and even Eylesbarrow.

Foggintor Quarries, Devon

Dartmoor granite has been used in the construction of many famous buildings around the world. Foggintor Quarries and nearby Swelltor Quarries are impressive, quirky places to visit.

Merrivale Stone Rows, Devon

Dartmoor is famous for its prehistoric sites. The Merrivale Complex is a particularly fine collection of stone rows, standing stones and circles. See also Down Tor Stone Row (Hingston Hill Stone Row).

Buckland Abbey

Once home to Sir Francis Drake, the National Trust property is a shortish drive from Princetown. We'd also suggest you visit Morwellham Quay and Cotehele House and Gardens.

Wistman's Wood

North east of Princetown, Wistman's Wood is an atmospheric National Nature Reserve. It's also surrounded by stunning tors.

Burrator Reservoir

Dartmoor is home to lots of reservoirs. Burrator is arguably the most beautiful. A little further south west, explore Dewerstone Valley.

Cross Stone, Devon

Try to find the smallest cross on Dartmoor! There are many other more obvious and much older granite crosses in the area.