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Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in Exeter


Things To Do in Exeter
Exeter's a thriving, modern city with a rich history. If you're heading to South West England for a city break then there's plenty to do. Browse our 'Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in Exeter' list for ideas. We've positioned these attractions on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see their exact locations. We'd also suggest you click through to our Top 10 Recommended Places To Visit around Exeter to discover the wider area.

Exeter Cathedral, Devon

Exceptional interior with the longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in the world. We'd recommend attending a concert or event in the cathedral if you have time.

Exeter Historic Quayside, Devon

Lively area a short walk from the city centre. The quayside we see today dates from the sixteenth century when the wool trade boomed in the area. The canal basin is part of the oldest surviving ship canal in England.

Princesshay, Devon

A shopping and leisure development. Just around the corner from Exeter Cathedral Close and Exeter Cathedral.

Exceptional museum with a remarkable collection. Can't recommend a visit to RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum) highly enough.

Exeter's Underground Passages, Devon

Remarkable tunnels that run under the city. There's a small museum as well.

The House That Moved, Devon

A medieval 'Merchant House' that was literally moved 70 metres in the 1960s.

Exe Estuary

Follow the River Exe towards the coast. Topsham is on the east bank and Powderham Castle and Estate on the west bank.

Exe Valley Way, Devon

Walk a bank of the River Exe heading either north into central Devon or south towards the Exe Estuary.

Exeter Cathedral Close

Spacious lawns, great views of Exeter Cathedral and lined on one side by shops and restaurants/bars. This is a fine place to people watch.

Exeter City Wall Trail, Devon

Explore the city by foot. Follow the Exeter City Wall Trail. We'd also recommend the Exeter Woollen Trail. There are guided tours as well.