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Top 10 Recommended Walks in Dartmoor National Park


Walks in Dartmoor National Park
Browse our 'Top 10 Recommended Walks in Dartmoor National Park' for ideas as to where to walk in the Park. Members of the team here at PictureTheUK have lived on Dartmoor for years and we know it very well. We've walked these recommendations in every season, in pretty much every weather condition. We'd also suggest you look at one of our other local UK travel sites, 'Holiday in Dartmoor', for more detailed information on walks within the Park. By James Penman.

Yes Tor, Devon

The only two mountains in southern England are next to one another. Park at Meldon Reservoir and Dam and head on up to the mountains Yes Tor and High Willhays. Loop back around to where you started.

Teign Gorge, Devon

We'd recommend starting at Chagford and following the River Teign into the Teign Gorge. Head for Fingle Bridge and its pub before walking the other bank of the river back. You'll see the National Trust's Castle Drogo and Gardens.

Leather Tor

Superb fin of rock overlooking Burrator Reservoir in the south west of the Park. There are plenty of small circular walks or bigger ones heading into the Plym Valley.

Lustleigh Cleave, Devon

In the east of the Park, we'd recommend yomping to its ridgeline and then on to Hunter's Tor (Lustleigh Cleave) before turning around. Massive views over the east of the Park and across Devon to the sea.

Dart Valley, Devon

Similar to the Teign Gorge, this area is packed with stunning walks. The Two Moors Way and Dartmoor Way run along a lip of the gorge. There are paths down by the water, too, and the walking experience here is amazing.

Haytor Rocks

Probably Dartmoor's most famous tor. There's loads of parking by this very popular attraction but if you head on past Haytor to Black Hill, you'll get some stunning views.

Dartmoor Way

If you're looking for a big walk then try this loop around the National Park. Alternatively, for a day's walk, pick a section of the Way. We'd recommend the Teign Gorge area.

Bellever Tor

In the centre of the Park with super panoramic views. Park near Postbridge Clapper Bridge and head through Bellever Forest to this tor.

Brat Tor, Devon

To the west of the Park. There's plenty of parking up the little track which runs off the A386 by 'The Dartmoor Inn'. Head up to Brat Tor and then beyond to Great Links Tor and Hare Tor if you want a big walk. The views from Great Links Tor are a joy.

Lydford Gorge and Waterfall, Devon

A favourite of ours. In the west of the Park, it's a National Trust property offering a unique walking experience past waterfalls and into a roaring gorge.