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Top 10 Recommended Views in Dartmoor National Park


Views in Dartmoor National Park
Always a difficult list to compile because, clearly, different people like different views. So, given that you have to start somewhere, here's our 'Top 10 Recommended Views in Dartmoor National Park' list. Members of the team here at PictureTheUK have been researching and photographing Dartmoor National Park for years so browse through our images to discover great views for yourself. By James Penman.

Teign Gorge, Devon

This place is stunning. The view high up along the Two Moors Way is exceptional. Fingle Bridge is a famous Dartmoor beauty spot and if you climb the path to the south of the bridge, you'll get amazing views looking west towards Castle Drogo.

Leather Tor

In the south west of the Park offering exquisite views over Burrator Reservoir. The tor itself is an impressive fin of granite.

Lustleigh Cleave, Devon

Another extraordinary wooded valley on the fringes of the Park. Walk along the ridgeline for top views over what we think is the most beautiful area in Dartmoor.

Great Links Tor, Devon

In the west of the Park. The view south over Hare Tor to Great Mis Tor and White Tor etc is amazing. You'll see Fur Tor to the south east and the Tamar Valley AONB and Cornwall to the west. The summits of High Willhays and Yes Tor are to the north east.

Bellever Tor

Offers an amazing 360 of the centre of Dartmoor National Park. Close to Postbridge Clapper Bridge which is a classic Dartmoor beauty spot.

Great Staple Tor, Devon

To the west of the Park with great views towards the high moors in the north of Dartmoor. Views west over the Tamar Valley AONB and into Cornwall.

Brent Tor, Devon

On the western border of Dartmoor. The tor is stunning with a church on its summit. The views east to the high ground of Dartmoor are also exceptional.

Yes Tor, Devon

One of only two mountains in the south of England and great views over the high ground of Dartmoor. Park by Meldon Reservoir for more great views towards Meldon Viaduct.

Oke Tor, Devon

Start at Belstone in the north of the Park. Oke Tor is about an hour's walk south on a ridgeline with top views.

Hamel Down

Hamel Down is a large sweep of rock centre/east of Dartmoor. It's by Grimspound and offers memorable panoramic views. Perhaps the best are towards Haytor Rocks, Hound Tor and the Devon coast beyond.