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Top 10 Recommended Churches in Dartmoor National Park


Churches in Dartmoor National Park
We spend our lives researching and photographing the UK. As we discover more places to visit and things to do through recommendations from local experts, we pass that information on to our readers. Our 'Top 10 Recommended Churches in Dartmoor National Park' list is part of this process and is updated regularly to reflect new knowledge. We include Exeter Cathedral because, at about half an hour away from the East and North of Dartmoor, it's an absolute must-see attraction. By James Penman.

Moretonhampstead St Andrew's Church

In the centre of the 'gateway town' of Moretonhampstead. The building we see today dates from the fifteenth century although it's been heavily restored. See also the Moretonhampstead Almshouses.

Widecombe St Pancras Church, Devon

The 'Cathedral of the Moor'. Drive the B3387 from the east of the Park around Haytor Rocks towards Widecombe in the Moor. The classic view of the church opens up in front of you.

Brent Tor, Devon

Brentor (or Brent Tor) St Michael de Rupe Church is an impressive, small church built on the top of a tor with exceptional views east towards the high ground of Dartmoor National Park.

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Major Dartmoor attraction near Ashburton to the east of the Park. Founded in 1018.

Hennock St Mary's Church, Devon

Visit for the paintings on its rood screen. Look above at the ceiling. In the local area, explore the reservoirs and stand on Blackingstone Rock for an awesome view.

Manaton St Winifred Church

In the beautiful moorland village of Manaton, Manaton St Winifred Church dates from the fifteenth century. In the local area, visit Bowerman's Nose and explore Lustleigh Cleave.

Sheepstor St Leonard Church, Devon

In a glorious location by Burrator Reservoir. We'd recommend visiting the Drizzle Combe Stone Rows in the Upper Plym Valley.

Lydford St Petroc's Church

Next to Lydford Castle and close to the National Trust's Lydford Gorge and Waterfall. On the western fringe of the Park.

Exeter Cathedral, Devon

One of the finest buildings in South West England. A short-ish drive from Dartmoor National Park. Essential visiting.