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Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in Porthcurno


Things To Do in Porthcurno
Porthcurno offers access to some of the best beaches in the UK. The granite cliffs rising above these beaches provide exceptional views and great walking. Add in cultural and historical attractions, prehistoric monuments and part of an internationally important UNESCO World Heritage Site and it's clear why this area of The Land's End Peninsula (The Penwith Peninsula) is so popular.

Porthcurno Bay, Cornwall

Porthcurno runs along a valley behind Porthcurno Bay. The bay is lined with high granite cliffs and blond sand beaches. It's an exceptionally beautiful place. Walking the cliffs and beaches at low tide is a must.

Minack Theatre

There's a theatre cut from rock on the cliff above Porthcurno Bay. Catch a performance or just visit to enjoy its museum and views.

South West Coast Path, Beginning

The coastline around Porthcurno is stunning. We'd recommend following the South West Coast Path west of Porthcurno to Land's End and then Sennen Cove.

Pedn Vounder Beach, Cornwall

Porthucurno Beach is regularly featured in national press as one of the UK's top beaches. At the east end of Porthcurno Bay is Pedn Vounder Beach. We'd argue that it's even more impressive.

Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, Cornwall

Porthcurno was once a hub for global telecommunications. Visit Porthcurno Telegraph Museum to learn more. On the cliffs around Porthcurno are the Submarine Telegraph Cable Pyramid and Pedn-men-an-mere or Wireless Point.

Logan Rock, Cornwall

Local legend suggests that giants used to live on the Logan Rock Headland. Find the Logan Rock and explore the Iron Age cliff castle. The views are extraordinary.

St Levan Sculpture, Cornwall

St Levan lived in this area in early Christian times. Visit St Levan Church to see the St Levan Sculpture. Look out for St Levan's Holy Well, St Levan's Stone and the St Levan Crosses.

Carn Euny, Cornwall

Carn Euny Ancient Village is an English Heritage property on The Land's End Peninsula (The Penwith Peninsula). It's a remarkable place.

Land's End, Cornwall

One of the UK's most famous coastal attractions, Land's End is essential visiting.

Levant Mine & Beam Engine

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are both rare and special. The Land's End Peninsula (The Penwith Peninsula) is home to one of the mining districts within the UNESCO Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site.