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Top 10 Recommended Beaches in Porthcurno


Beaches in Porthcurno
The Land's End Peninsula (The Penwith Peninsula) is an exceptional place. Extraordinary prehistoric monuments are close to UNESCO World Heritage mining sites. Beautiful harbours are the focal points of towns and villages. However, it's the coastline that pulls in most visitors. The stretch of cliff and beach by Porthcurno is particularly impressive. If you choose to holiday in this area, we've created a list of beaches to visit by Porthcurno and around The Land's End Peninsula coastline. We've researched and photographed each beach. They are located on Google maps and have a 'Photo Gallery'.

Porthcurno Bay, Cornwall

At low tide, there are three sections of sand in Porthcurno Bay. Porthcurno Beach is to the west. Pedn Vounder Beach is to the east. Green Bay is inbetween. This is a remarkably beautiful stretch of UK coastline. We walked the sand here at low tide.

Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno Beach is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in the UK. There's a large car park in Porthcurno. A good path leads down to the beach. At low tide, the sand runs east to Green Bay and Pedn Vounder Beach.

Pedn Vounder Beach, Cornwall

In our opinion, Pedn Vounder Beach is even more impressive than Porthcurno Beach. At the eastern end of the sweep of sand that lines Porthcurno Bay, at low tide it's an amazing place.

Porth Chapel, Cornwall

Follow the South West Coast Path west of Porthcurno and you'll come to Porth Chapel. A steep descent leads you to the sand. There's also parking by St Levan Church.

Porthgwarra Beach, Cornwall

If you continue west from Porth Chapel, you'll come to the pretty coastal village Porthgwarra. There's a sand beach and wonderful tunnels cut into the rock.

Penberth Cove, Cornwall

Follow the South West Coast Path east of Porthcurno and you'll pass Logan Rock Headland and Cribba Head before coming to Penberth Cove.

Nanjizal Beach, Cornwall

Between Porthcurno and Land's End, Nanjizal Beach is a relatively remote blond sand beach with top views across Nanjizal or Mill Bay. Great place.

St Loy's Cove, Cornwall

St Loy's Cove is a boulder beach between Porthcurno and Lamorna Cove. It's different to the sand beaches on this list and well worth exploring.

Sennen Cove Beach

Another Land's End Peninsula beach widely regarded as being one of the best in the UK. When the light's clean and bright, the sand and sea here are reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Portheras Cove, Cornwall

Portheras Cove is on the north west coast of The Land's End Peninsula near some of the finest attractions within the UNESCO Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site.