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Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Visitor & Tourism Guide

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Huntly Castle

Located in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Less than a mile away.

Originally a twelfth century motte and bailey castle. Rebuilt in the fifteenth century. In decay by the eighteenth century. Occupied by British troops in the 1740s Jacobite Uprising. Managed by Historic Scotland...

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Leith Hall Castle

Located in Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 6.5 miles away.

A typical Scottish lairdís residence. Begun in the 1650s. Leith Hall is set on nearly three hundred acres of land. In addition to interesting furniture, artwork, china and tapestry, there's a military exhibition titled '...

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Portsoy Harbour

Located in Portsoy, Aberdeenshire, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 16.9 miles away.

The harbour was built by the Earl of Seafield in 1825 and was one of the main harbours engaged in herring fishing. Portsoy marble, used in the Palace of Versailles, is found on the coast of the Moray Firth near the fishi...

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Glenside Croft
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Approximately 5.4 miles away.

Rates: £248 - £491 Per Week

This charming and comfortable little 19th century cottage enjoys glorious views in its peaceful 36 acres of shared croft setting and excellent forest walking from the doorstep. Rare breed sheep highland ponies and nature...

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Golf View
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Approximately 13.3 miles away.

Rates: £519 - £1,425 Per Week

Boasting spectacular views over Turriff golf course and the River Deveron valley this very comfortable and spacious property with its large garden is only 5 minutes walk from the town's amenities. Just 10 miles away...

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The Neep End
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Approximately 13.8 miles away.

Rates: £299 - £593 Per Week

Commanding stunning views over countryside and wooded hills this newly refurbished former turnip barn makes an ideal base from which to explore the 'whisky capital' of the world. Just 2 miles away Dufftown offers...

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