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The Fountain Inn, Salisbury Star Rating

  • The Fountain Inn, Salisbury, The Street, White Parish Salisbury, SP5 2S
  • Rates: 5 rooms; 38 - 60 Per Night

This traditional village inn is 350 years old in parts, and has a cosy main bar with wood-burning fire, and en suite rooms with free Wi-Fi and tea coffee

The Fountain Inn, Salisbury
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The Fountain Inn, Salisbury
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New Forest Ponies

Located in New Forest National Park, National Parks

Approximately 6.7 miles away.

Pony native to the UK and found in the New Forest National Park and Hampshire. You'll often find them sauntering down a road. Remember, they own the place so slow down. See also Dartmoor Hill Ponies, Exmoor Ponies and Wi...

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Rufus Stone

Located in Stoney Cross, Hampshire, South East England, England

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Memorial to King William the Second - Rufus - who died here in 1100AD. 'Here stood the oak tree, on which an arrow shot by Sir Walter Tyrrell at a stag, glanced and struck King William the Second, surnamed Rufus, on the...

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Salisbury Cathedral

Located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, South West England, England

Approximately 7.3 miles away.

The tallest church spire in the UK. Built on only four feet of foundations. Chapter house contains one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta. Building started in 1220, cloisters and chapter house completed 1280...

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Newton Farmhouse, Wiltshire
© Owner
Star Rating

Less than a mile away.

Total Rooms: 9; Rates: 60 - 100 Per Night

Set within 3 acres of grounds, this 16th century Grade II listed farmhouse is a traditional, romantic getaway within a 12-minute drive of Salisbury and 5 minutes of the New Forest...

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New Forest Lodge Hotel, Landford
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 2.4 miles away.

Total Rooms: 14; Rates: 50 - 90 Per Night

Our independent, 4-star guest accommodation is located just one mile from the edge of the New Forest within the National Park, and within easy reach of Southampton and Salisbury...

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The Shoe Inn, Plaitford Hampshire
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 3.3 miles away.

Total Rooms: 5; Rates: 55 - 75 Per Night

This 15th century coaching inn, situated just on the edge of the New Forest on the A36, has been welcoming hungry travellers ever since 1430 and is steeped in history...

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