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The Case Restaurant With Rooms, Sudbury Star Rating

  • The Case Restaurant With Rooms, Sudbury, Further Street, Assington Sudbury, CO105L
  • Rates: 7 rooms; 65 - 119 Per Night

This relaxing venue has 7 comfy bedrooms, a fine-dining restaurant and a caf -lounge There is free Wi-Fi and plenty of parking spaces The Case is family-run, and offers personal, friendly service and the qualities of a fine country hotel

The Case Restaurant With Rooms, Sudbury
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The Case Restaurant With Rooms, Sudbury
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Highbury Barn Restaurant & Rooms, Sudbury
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Hill Lodge, Sudbury
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Ideally situated, family-run Hill Lodge Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Sudbury town centre, providing the perfect base from which to explore the Suffolk countryside...

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