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Munstone House, Hereford Star Rating

  • Munstone House, Hereford, Munstone, Hereford, HR1 3A
  • Rates: 6 rooms; 50 - 80 Per Night

This magnificent early Victorian Mansion is set on an elevated knoll in over 2 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds We look after you and your guests, treating you in a style befitting our historic country house

Munstone House, Hereford
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Munstone House, Hereford
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Hereford Cathedral, Herefordshire

Located in Hereford, Herefordshire, West Midlands, England

Approximately 1.9 miles away.

Home to the famous Mappa Mundi, a medieval map of the world dating from the 13th century. Founded as a cathedral in 676. The existing building dates from the 11th century. Chained library...

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Alberta House, Herefordshire
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 1.3 miles away.

Total Rooms: 20; Rates: 55 - 65 Per Night

This guest house offers peaceful accommodation, 10 minutes' walk from Hereford city centre and train coach stations All rooms at Alberta House are en suite, non-smoking and offer hospitality trays...

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Somerville House, Herefordshire
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 1.6 miles away.

Total Rooms: 12; Rates: 60 - 99 Per Night

This Victorian villa, dating from 1895, rests in a peaceful, tree lined residential area within the picturesque Hereford countryside Here, you will find boutique style bed and breakfast accommodation that offers a blend...

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The Green Dragon, Hereford
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 1.8 miles away.

Total Rooms: 83; Rates: 45 - 80 Per Night

Behind an impressive facade added in 1857, this historic coaching inn dates back to the 16th century Our hotel has long been Hereford's most popular hostelry offering a warm welcome and informal atmosphere...

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