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Maesmawr Hall Hotel, Caersws Star Rating

  • Maesmawr Hall Hotel, Caersws, Long Length, Caersws, SY17 5S
  • Rates: 18 rooms; 55 - 145 Per Night

Maesmawr Hall is situated in the beautiful Severn Valley, 5 miles 8 km from the market town of Newtown and 1 mile 1 6 km from the village of Caersws

Maesmawr Hall Hotel, Caersws
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Maesmawr Hall Hotel, Caersws
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Garden Cottage
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Aleppo Merchant Inn, Caersws
© Owner
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Approximately 5.6 miles away.

Total Rooms: 6; Rates: 45 - 65 Per Night

Situated in the heart of beautiful Mid-Wales between Newtown and Machynlleth This 17th century Inn offers a warm welcome to travelers and locals alike...

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The Forest Country House Bed & Breakfast, Newtown
© Owner
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Total Rooms: 5; Rates: 65 - 95 Per Night

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