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Halfway Bridge, Midhurst Star Rating

  • Halfway Bridge, Midhurst, Lodsworth, Midhurst, GU28 9B
  • Rates: 6 rooms; 74 - 185 Per Night

Conveniently placed on the A272 in the middle of Sussex countryside, this historic country inn encapsulates a balance between modern sensibility and rustic charm

Halfway Bridge, Midhurst
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Halfway Bridge, Midhurst
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Cowdray House, Midhurst, West Sussex

Located in Midhurst, West Sussex, South East England, England

Approximately 2.5 miles away.

A Tudor ruin located on the outskirts of Midhurst. Once home to the Browne family, (later Viscounts Montague). Gutted by fire at the end of the eighteenth century. Restored and re-opened in 2007. Located in beautiful Vic...

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Sutton St. John Baptist's Church, Sutton, West Sus

Located in Sutton, West Sussex, South East England, England

Approximately 5.0 miles away.

Located in the proposed South Downs National Park. A short drive south of Petworth...

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Bignor Holy Cross Church, Bignor, West Sussex

Located in Bignor, West Sussex, South East England, England

Approximately 5.6 miles away.

Dates from the eleventh century (mentioned in the Domesday Book). Re-built in the thirteenth century. Restored in the Victorian era by George Edmund Street (ecclesiastical architect of the Arts and Crafts period). Loacte...

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Spread Eagle Hotel And Spa, Midhurst
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 2.7 miles away.

Total Rooms: 35; Rates: 99 - 221 Per Night

Set within its own picturesque grounds, this former coaching inn, dating back in parts to 1430, provides traditional accommodation and a luxurious spa in the historic Sussex market town of Midhurst...

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The Old Railway Station, Petworth
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 3.0 miles away.

Total Rooms: 8; Rates: 129 - 191 Per Night

Formerly Petworth Railway Station, built in 1894 - now the perfect place to relax in colonial splendour The guest rooms are all double, en-suite...

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The White Horse Inn, Petworth
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 3.4 miles away.

Total Rooms: 5; Rates: 65 - 85 Per Night

In the beautiful village of Sutton, near Goodwood, in the Sussex countryside, this traditional inn offers stylish, modern rooms, free Wi-Fi, free parking and great food and drink...

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