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Five Rise Locks Hotel, Bingley Star Rating

  • Five Rise Locks Hotel, Bingley, Beck Lane, Bingley, BD16 4D
  • Rates: 9 rooms; 65 - 105 Per Night

This family-run hotel is tucked away in a residential area but still within easy distance of Leeds and Bradford, and is renowned for its service, friendliness, excellent cuisine and hospitality

Five Rise Locks Hotel, Bingley
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Five Rise Locks Hotel, Bingley
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Ramada Bradford Leeds, Bradford
© Owner
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Set in 8 acres of private grounds, with views over the Aire Valley, this Gothic mansion now houses a 3-star hotel offering comfortable, modern, high-standard accommodation...

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Homeleigh Hotel, Shipley
© Owner
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Approximately 2.6 miles away.

Total Rooms: 14; Rates: 30 - 59 Per Night

The Homeleigh Hotel is perfectly placed for historic Saltaire, Bronteland and the beautiful Yorkshire Dales Homeleigh Hotel offers year-round comfort and hospitality...

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