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Chestnut House, Bridgwater Star Rating

  • Chestnut House, Bridgwater, Hectors Stones Lower Road Woolavington, Bridgwater, TA7 8E
  • Rates: 7 rooms; 72 - 105 Per Night

In the quietest of villages, yet central to Somerseta s attractions, this relaxed farmhouse dates back to the 1500s and is 15 minutes from the coast and 10 minutes from Bridgwater

Chestnut House, Bridgwater
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Chestnut House, Bridgwater
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The Wicker or Willow Man

Located in Bridgwater, Somerset, South West England, England

Approximately 2.3 miles away.

One of the largest willow sculptures in the world. Iconic sculpture on the side of the M5 in Somerset created by Serena de la Hey. See also The Angel Of The North for a similar iconic public sculpture...

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Battle of Sedgemoor, Somerset

Located in Westonzoyland, Somerset, South West England, England

Approximately 3.7 miles away.

The last major battle fought on English soil...

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Somerset Levels

Located in Somerset, South West England, England

Approximately 4.3 miles away.

A largely flat wetland area between the Mendip Hills AONB and the Quantock Hills AONB within the county of Somerset. Perhaps the most famous destination within the Levels is Glastonbury with its tor, abbey and tithe barn...

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Laburnum House Lodge Hotel, Somerset
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Star Rating

Approximately 3.4 miles away.

Total Rooms: 60; Rates: 48 - 102 Per Night

Perched amid 16 acres, beside a nature reserve, Laburnum House boasts excellent leisure and sporting facilities, just minutes from the M5 and less than a kilometre from the sea...

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The Old Vicarage, Bridgwater, Bridgwater
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Star Rating

Approximately 4.1 miles away.

Total Rooms: 15; Rates: 58 - 180 Per Night

A small, historic, country cottage style property, situated in the town centre Ideal for business perfect for leisure Modern conveniences in a historic setting...

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Star Rating

Approximately 5.2 miles away.

Rates: 19 - 55 Per Night

At Travelodge, we provide the essentials for a comfortable night's sleep whether you're on the road for business, enjoying a city break with friends or family or you just need a bed for the night....

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