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Butley Priory, Near Woodbridge Star Rating

  • Butley Priory, Near Woodbridge, The Clumps, Near Woodbridge, IP12 3N
  • Rates: 6 rooms; 90 - 165 Per Night

Set in the wilds of the Suffolk coast, between Rendlesham Forest and the sea, this fairytale 14th century monastery has been beautifully converted to offer luxurious accommodation

Butley Priory, Near Woodbridge
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Butley Priory, Near Woodbridge
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Martello Tower

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Field Cottage
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Approximately 3.2 miles away.

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In a tranquil wooded setting beside Tunstall Forest and just 3 miles from Orford on the Suffolk Heritage Coast this characterful cottage is perfect for walkers bird watchers and riders – visitors are welcome to brin...

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Approximately 3.3 miles away.

Rates: 299 - 593 Per Week

Set down a quiet lane leading to Rendlesham Forest just ½ mile from a walking and cycling route this charming 18th century cottage has been painstakingly restored by its craftsman owner. With its pretty cottage gard...

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Hulver Tree Cottage
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Star Rating

Approximately 3.6 miles away.

Rates: 258 - 547 Per Week

A ten minute drive from the Suffolk Heritage Coast this cosy comfortable cottage with its delightful garden is situated on the edge of Tunstall Forest a designated SSSI. Snape Maltings Concert Hall and shops Orford Castl...

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