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Bluebell House Star Rating

  • Bluebell House, Sutherland Street, Helmsdale, Sutherland, KW8 6JE

Within walking distance of the beach and picturesque fishing harbour this very comfortable traditional cottage sits in the lovely and historic village of Helmsdale. The local area features stunning coastal scenery outstanding salmon fishing and abundant wildlife including wild red deer golden eagles and red kites; beach walks often afford sightings of otters and seals. The Castle of Mey turreted Dunrobin Castle and lovely gardens are among attractions within easy reach. Shops and dining pubs are...

Bluebell House
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Bluebell House
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Dunrobin Castle

Located in Golspie, Highland, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 14.2 miles away.

Re-modelled in the nineteenth century by Sir Charles Barry (architect of London's Houses of Parliament). Dunrobin Castle founded in the 1300s. Located in the north of Scotland. Owned by the Clan Sutherland. Dunrobin Cast...

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Dornoch Cathedral

Located in Dornoch, Highland, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 21.4 miles away.

In the north-east of Scotland, Dornoch Cathedral was first built in the thirteenth century. Burnt down in 1570 and restored in the early nineteenth century. The pop star Madonna had her son christened in Dornoch Cathedra...

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Spynie Palace

Located in Elgin, Moray, The Highlands & Islands, Scotland

Approximately 33.3 miles away.

Fortified palace built for the Bishops of Moray. Dates from the twelfth century. Fell into disrepair at the end of the seventeenth century after a dispute between its owner and King William and Queen Mary. Managed by His...

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The Bridge Hotel, Sutherland
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Star Rating

Less than a mile away.

Total Rooms: 19; Rates: 65 - 195 Per Night

Situated in the heart of a picturesque Highland village on the east coast of Scotland, this contemporary country hotel rejects modern day distractions in favour of a haven of peace...

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Star Rating

Approximately 10.0 miles away.

Rates: 395 - 789 Per Week

Set within walking distance of the sandy beach fishing harbour shops and restaurants of the charming seaside village of Brora (1 mile) this spacious very comfortable property and its large well tended and enclosed garden...

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Summer Cottage
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Star Rating

Approximately 10.1 miles away.

Rates: 567 - 1,178 Per Week

Perfect for family holidays and relaxing short breaks this exceptional property is situated just two minutes' walk from a glorious sandy beach and links golf course in the charming seaside village of Brora. Beautiful...

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