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About Us

Who are we?
We've been building websites for a long time. There's been a UK advertising network, a UK shopping search engine and now this, what we call a UK discovery engine. There are two founders, a content person and a technical person, and between us we've racked up twenty years of entrepreneurial experience on the internet. We work with a network of technology and content people to build this site.

We also own the local UK travel websites Explore Lincolnshire and Holiday in Dartmoor and sell our travel tech, too.

James Penman
Spent six years studying English Literature at Durham City and Oxford Universities. Trained in business at a UK company called ICI. Bailed, wrote a novel whilst working for an internet incubator in London, co-founded PictureTheUK. Moved to Wiltshire with Jess, world turned upside down by the birth of two daughters, wrote three more novels. Travels around the UK a lot, writes a lot. Lives in Dartmoor National Park in Devon and is responsible for curating content for the South West England section of this website.

Terry Moore
Got himself a first class degree in something technical after a stretch in the riot squad in London. Started building websites for an internet incubator in London shortly after graduating. Co-founded PictureTheUK. Moved to Lincolnshire, got married. Codes a lot. Lives in a very pretty place called the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB and is responsible for all that's technical on the site.

Want to know anything else?
Contact James Penman james@picturetheuk.com or follow us on Twitter (picturetheuk)