Discover places to stay in and around Chagford in Dartmoor National Park. Great for one of the UK's most popular attractions, Castle Drogo and Gardens, and the sublime Teign Gorge.
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Spinster's Rock, Devon

  • Located in Chagford, Devon, South West England, England
  • A short distance from Chagford and Whiddon Down towards the northern boundary of Dartmoor National Park, Spinster's Rock is located in a field opposite a farm. We've positioned it on Google maps so zoom in on the satellite setting to see its exact location. Note that there's very limited parking by the road
  • There's a plaque on site which reads: 'A Neolithic burial chamber erected around 3500-2500 BC. This chamber probably contained many burials and would originally have been covered by a long earthen mound. The stones fell down in 1862 and were re-erected in the same year. Traditionally this monument was erected by three spinsters one morning before breakfast'
  • In the local area, visit the National Trust's Castle Drogo and Gardens and the sublime Teign Gorge
  • For more prehistoric sites, we'd recommend visiting Scorhill Stone Circle and Shovel Down Stone Rows. Again, these are located on Google maps. We'd also suggest you look at the Ordnance Survey OL28 'Dartmoor' map for detail
  • A little further away, try English Heritage's Grimspound and Merrivale Stone Rows to the west of the Park
  • By James Penman

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Spinster's Rock, Devon

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