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Estuary of Rivers Taw and Torridge, Devon

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Estuary of Rivers Taw and Torridge, Devon

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Northam Burrows Beach, Devon

Located in Westward Ho!, Devon, South West England, England

Approximately 1.2 miles away.

This is the northern section of Westward Ho! Beach. Miles of flat sand beach runs into the Estuary of Rivers Taw and Torridge. To the north of the estuary is the equally impressive Saunton Sands (Beach). To the east of N...

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Tranquillity Cottage
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 1.9 miles away.

Rates: 312 - 717 Per Week

Set on a quiet 'no through' lane flower filled in summer this quaint little fisherman's cottage (left) lies a short walk from Appledore's restaurants inns galleries shops and lively quay. From here there...

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Cockle Cottage
© Owner
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Approximately 2.0 miles away.

Rates: 374 - 866 Per Week

In a picturesque little fishing village this quaint fisherman's cottage full of character is tucked away in a conservation area of narrow pedestrian streets grassy lanes and cobbled courtyards behind the bustling qua...

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Wren Cottage, Willowfield Lake
© Owner
Star Rating

Approximately 2.1 miles away.

Rates: 265 - 593 Per Week

Set in a beautiful location within Braunton Burrows Nature Reserve and just 1½ miles from Saunton Sands' 3 mile stretch of golden surfing beach these six delightful cottages offer a unique holiday experience. Th...

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