Find places to stay around Boscastle on the North Conrwall coast. In a superb location with some of the toughest and most rewarding coastal walking in South West England, Boscastle is just north east of Tintagel. To the north east of Boscastle are Crackington Haven, Widemouth Bay and Bude.
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Boscastle The Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall

  • Located in Boscastle, Cornwall, South West England, England
  • The Museum of Witchcraft is a relatively small space packed with displays, objects, information boards and images. It's a fascinating, unique place that we'd recommend making time to visit. Go with a clear head as there's lots to take in
  • Situated by Boscastle Visitor Centre near Boscastle Harbour, The Museum of Witchcraft is in the popular coastal section of the village. We've positioned the museum on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location
  • Highlights include a 'Witch Weighing' chair, a collection of dolls and figures used for curses, mandrakes, dessicated cats used in protection magic and a model of the Baphomet. The collection of tiny phalluses is quirky. The Green Man display is superb. Most charming, perhaps, is the 'Get-Lost Box'
  • Apparently there are plenty more objects not on display. When researching, we were told that these objects have been catalogued on The Museum of Witchcraft website to which we provide and external link
  • By James Penman

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Boscastle The Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall

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Located in Boscastle, Cornwall, South West England, England

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