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England, Visitor & Tourism Guide

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Select Regions: South West England, East Midlands
Select Counties: Devon, Cornwall, Northumberland, East Sussex
Select National Parks: The Peak District, Dartmoor, The Lake District
Select AONBs: The Cotswolds, Dorset, Tamar Valley, South Devon
Select World Heritage Sites: Jurassic Coast, Ironbridge, Durham Cathedral, Hadrian's Wall
Select Cities: London, Bath, Cambridge, Bristol City, Liverpool

Discovering England
This short summary guide to England provides an overview of the country's regions and its major attractions. If time's precious and you want to discover England quickly, we'd suggest you browse our 'Top 10 Recommendations' lists below. Click on each recommendation to learn more and to see the destination or attraction mapped. The team behind PictureTheUK have been travelling around England for decades and we've lived in cities, towns and villages from North to South. Clearly, we think it's an extraordinary place.

National Parks and AONBs, World Heritage and Coast
Relative to many countries, England's small. About 50,000 square miles (or 130,000 square km). For its size, England has a pretty large population, roughly 50 million people, and over 80% of the UK population live here. Small means you get to see a lot of it in a relatively short space of time so it's a great place in which to holiday.

World famous for its history and culture, England's exceptionally beautiful too. If you're looking to discover new places to visit, there are ten National Parks and over thirty Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and around sixty cities. The coastline is awesome, its architecture can be sublime.

With Scotland to the north and Wales to the west, we've split the country into nine regions such you can discover all the places to visit and things to do a little more easily.

South West England is an extremely popular domestic holiday destination. Known for its stunning coastline and beaches, the region's also home to Dartmoor National Park and Exmoor National Park, a high number of AONBs and internationally famous cities such as Bath. In the South West, you'll find Stonehenge and the Jurassic Coast, Salisbury Cathedral and St Michael's Mount.

South East England is home to two National Parks and numerous famous destinations. The New Forest National Park is to the west of the region, the South Downs National Park runs parallel to a large chunk of its coast. Oxford needs no introduction, Canterbury is a must. From famous landmarks to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fairy tale castles to palaces, the region offers holidays and weekend breaks for all interest types.

Cradled by the counties of South East England, London is one of the world's greatest cities. Click through to our London summary guide to discover more. Highlights include the British Museum and The National Gallery.

Jutting out into the North Sea, the East of England is particularly known for its beaches and National Park. The Broads National Park is the UK's largest protected wetland, the Norfolk Coast AONB has some huge and impressive beaches. Cambridge and Norwich are top UK cities, the Dedham Vale AONB where John Constable grew up and worked.

The middle of England is split east and west. The East Midlands is home to much of the UK's most popular National Park. The Peak District, whilst busy, is sublime. Lincoln is dominated by a mighty cathedral, the town of Stamford is a delight. Visit Chatsworth House and Belvoir Castle, walk the Lincolnshire coast and climb Mam Tor.

The West Midlands is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and the Industrial Revolution. Ironbridge World Heritage Site is an amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stratford-upon-Avon internationally known. Walk the Shropshire Hills, explore the northern section of the Cotswolds. Another advantage of holidaying here is its close proximity to Wales.

The Yorkshire and The Humber region is another UK holiday hotspot. Discover the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks. Visit York and Leeds, walk Malham Cove and the region's coast.

Pushing north into North West England, visit Liverpool and Manchester. The former is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the latter a UK cultural highlight. Scale the mountains of the Lake District National Park and explore Carlisle. Head north, again, and you're in Scotland.

Last, top right of the England map, holiday in North East England. With its National Park and glorious coast, exceptional castles and history, the region's a much under-visited place. Durham City is a treat, Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site must be seen.

England by theme
Another way in which you can discover England is by theme. If you're looking for English mountains, it's probably best to start in the Lake District. If you're looking for white sand beaches head down to Cornwall or Devon. London has the many of the country's best museums and galleries, Northumberland has some of its finest castles.

For prehistory, we'd suggest Wiltshire and Dartmoor National Park. For pretty English villages try the Cotswolds. Browse our 'Top 10 Recommendations' lists for further inspiration by theme. We list country houses and cathedrals, castles and museums. If you're looking for beach ideas, we have a list for them. If you're looking for exceptional views then we have a list for those, too.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
For those looking to squeeze the most out of a short stay, we'd recommend those UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The obvious ones include Stonehenge and The Tower Of London, the less obvious the Jurassic Coast and Cornwall and Devon Mining Landscape. Ironbridge, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, is a must. Both Bath and Liverpool are a joy.

So why not start discovering England by using the recommendation lists provided? Alternatively, why not start discovering popular places such as Devon or London, South Devon AONB or Cornwall.

Top 10 Recommendations

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St Margaret's Church World Heritage Site

Located in City of Westminster, London, England

Less than a mile away.

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site 'Westminster Palace - Westminster Abbey - St Margaret's Church'. Parish church to The Houses Of Parliament (The House of Commons and House of Lords are within Westminster Palace). L...

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Westminster Palace World Heritage Site

Located in City of Westminster, London, England

Less than a mile away.

The heart of UK politics and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Contains the House Of Commons, The House Of Lords and Westminster Hall. Also known as The Houses Of Parliament or The Palace Of Westminster. Original Westminster...

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Big Ben

Located in City of Westminster, London, England

Less than a mile away.

Big Ben is the name of the main bell in the Clock Tower of Westminster Palace World Heritage Site. The Clock Tower is over 96 metres high. Constructed as part of the 1834 rebuild of Westminster Palace World Heritage Site...

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The Sanctuary House Hotel, London
© Owner
Star Rating

Less than a mile away.

Total Rooms: 34; Rates: 105 - 215 Per Night

The Sanctuary House is a fine, refurbished hotel with modern facilities in one of Londona s oldest and most fashionable areas It is a short walk from Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament...

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London Marriott Hotel County Hall, London
© Owner
Star Rating

Less than a mile away.

Total Rooms: 200; Rates: 206 - 608 Per Night

On the South Bank, overlooking Big Ben and the River Thames, this historic hotel features luxury bedding, spectacular views, fine cuisine and the largest spa health club complex of any hotel in London...

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Nh Jolly St Ermin's, London
© Owner
Star Rating

Less than a mile away.

Total Rooms: 275; Rates: 80 - 298 Per Night

With a quiet location, in the heart of London's Westminster, close to Victoria Station, this 4-star hotel combines beautiful Victorian features with modern luxuries, such as air-conditioned rooms...

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