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Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in Lyme Regis


Things To Do in Lyme Regis
As you might expect for such a popular holiday destination, there's lots to do. We'd recommend its four beaches and Museum, a walk on Lyme Regis The Cobb and under the Lyme Regis The Spittles and Black Ven Cliffs. The views across Lyme Bay to Charmouth Beach are superb. Last, go Lyme Regis Fossil Hunting.

Lyme Regis Beach

If you want a beach holiday on the Jurassic Coast then this is one of the few sandy beaches you'll find. Backs on to Lyme Regis Marine Parade/Promenade with Lyme Regis Harbour and Lyme Regis The Cobb across the way.

Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage Site. We've explored all 95 miles of the Jurassic Coast and the area around Lyme Regis is up there with the best.

Lyme Regis Museum, Dorset

Excellent local museum exploring the town's geology and culture. Visit for perspective.

South West Coast Path, Beginning

Spectacular National Trail. Head east from Lyme Regis past Charmouth Beach towards Golden Cap. Big walk.

The Cobb

Features in Jane Austen's 'Persuasion' and John Fowles's 'The French Lieutenant's Woman'. The views are top.

Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium, Dorset

Another superb local attraction exploring the marine life of the Jurassic Coast. On Lyme Regis The Cobb.

Lyme Regis Boat Trips, Dorset

If, as we think, this is one of the most wonderful stretches of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site then it's a good idea to see it from the sea. Head to Lyme Regis Harbour.

The Spittles and Black Ven

Cliffs to the east of Lyme Regis. The beach below them is excellent for fossil hunting. Take a hammer.

Fossil Shopping, Dorset

Lyme Regis has many shops selling fossils. Even if you don't buy, we'd recommend visiting for the sheer wonder.