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Top 10 Recommended Beaches in Lyme Regis


Beaches in Lyme Regis
Part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and on the South West Coast Path, Start (or End), Lyme Regis has some top beaches. Lyme Regis Town Beach (or Front Beach) is one of the few sandy beaches along this stretch of the south coast. Lyme Regis Back Beach is great for Lyme Regis Fossil Hunting so take a hammer with you or buy one in a local shop. If you're staying in Lyme Regis for a while, we'd recommend exploring its local beaches, some of which we list below.

Lyme Regis Beach

One of the few sandy beaches on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. The sandy section is to the west end of the beach near the harbour and Cobb. The eastern section of the beach is shingle.

Lyme Regis Back Beach, Dorset

Fossils. Lots of fossils and fossil hunters beneath Lyme Regis The Spittles and Black Ven Cliffs.

Charmouth Beach, Dorset

A good walk to the east of Lyme Regis via the South West Coast Path, Start (or End). Another pebble and shingle beach beneath imposing cliffs.

Seatown Beach

East of Charmouth Beach is Golden Cap. Just east of that is Seatown Beach.

Seaton Beach, Devon

Big pebble and shingle beach to the west of Lyme Regis. We'd recommend pushing west along the South West Coast Path, Start (or End) to the unique and wonderful Beer Beach.

Beer Beach, Devon

One of our favourite coastal spots in the UK. A small, unique beach beneath white cliffs.

West Bay Beach and Cliffs

On sunny days, at dawn or sunset, the high cliffs glow orange. A popular shingle beach. Top place.

Branscombe Beach, Devon

The coastline from Branscombe west to Sidmouth is a delight. On bright days, the contrast between the blue sea, white beach and thick green cliffsides is exotic.