Find places to stary around Ashburton in Dartmoor National Park. Choose from cottages and hotels, B&Bs and inns.
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Top 10 Recommended Things To Do in Ashburton

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Things To Do in Ashburton
In addition to its pubs and restaurants, cafes and shops, Ashburton provides access to some of Dartmoor National Park's finest scenery and walking country. Browse our 'Top 10 Recommended Things To Do around Ashburton' for ideas as to what you can do in the local area.

Assault course

A short drive west of Ashburton is River Dart Adventures. Perfect for a family day out, there's plenty to do in its 90 acre site. Further north and north east, visit Becky Falls Woodland Park and Canonteign Falls.

Dart Valley, Devon

One of a number of stunning wooded valleys and cleaves that fringe Dartmoor National Park. In our opinion, best seen from Bench Tor. Visit Deeper Marsh/Spitchwick by New Bridge and New Bridge Car Park as well.

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Impressive, active monastery just to the south of Ashburton. If historical buildings are of interest, try Exeter Cathedral and the National Trust's Castle Drogo and Gardens.

Dartmoor Way

This long distance footpath winds its way from Ashburton, via Buckfastleigh, to the Dart Gorge. There, it follows Dr Blackall's Drive towards Sharp Tor (Dartmeet). The views are superb.

Deeper Marsh/Spitchwick, Devon

One of Dartmoor's most popular areas, it can get very crowded in high season. Park at New Bridge and New Bridge Car Park. Again, we'd recommend following the Dartmoor Way to Dr Blackall's Drive.

Dartmeet Bridges

A local beauty spot, try crossing the Dartmeet Stepping Stones as well!

Shilstone Rocks, Dartmoor Riding

Dartmoor National Park is great for horse riding. Shilstone Rocks is just one of many stables in the area. We ride in the Park on a regular basis and recommend it highly. Try Babeny Farm Riding Stables, too.

The Ten Commandments Stone, Devon

The stones are fascinating and the views over East and South Dartmoor National Park are amazing.

Totnes Castle, Devon

East of Dartmoor, Totnes is a quirky and beautiful South Devon town. Its English Heritage castle guards the surrounding area. Nearby, visit Berry Pomeroy Castle and Compton Castle.

Dartmouth , South Devon AONB

One of South West England's most popular holiday destinations. Its beaches and coastline are superb. Visit Salcombe and Dartmouth, Torcross and Bigbury-on-Sea. Very easily accessible on the A38 from Ashburton.